Muso, father of three, cyclist, Norfolk boy and sometime PR flak. No reason to blog, other than it makes me feel better about hating almost everything to do with current popular beat combos.

Oh, and the thing I hate most is people who – when asked what they like to listen to – say “A bit of everything, really”. Oh, so that’ll be Mariah Carey and Sade on CD *and* download, then?


6 responses to “About

  1. So if I said I worship the following will you still talk to me?
    Half Man Half Biscuit
    Neil Young
    Anything & everything by the Beatles
    The Clash
    Arcade Fire
    The Polyphonic Spree
    Cherry Ghost
    1975-77 punk rock
    Talking Heads
    The Kinks
    Anything with the Factory Records imprint & anything touched by teh hand of genius belonging to Tony Wilson
    Stiff Records/Chiswick Records/Fast Records
    Bonaparte Records near East Croydon station c1978
    Danny Baker
    PG Wodehouse
    Divine Comedy
    Anything by Pink Floyd pre the dreadful “Wall”
    T Rex/David Bowie/Roxy Music/anything 70’s glam basically
    Rappers Delight
    Any of the 3 versions of “Police on my Back” by the Equals, The Clash or Lethan Bizzle
    Dr Feelgood before 1978 and anything Wilco Johnson has ever touched
    OGWT dvd box set
    BBC4 or 6Music in general
    Stuart Maconie..Freak Zone and all
    Cerys Matthews and
    Saint Kirsty of New Addington…RIP Kirsty MacColl, all time pin up

    Discuss on the next ride!

  2. Neil Young is a genius! Eldest son named Robert Neil M after him (other some named Jack Matthew M after the Sutton Utd player scoring the winner against Coventry many years ago).
    I suppose 1 out of 37 isn’t a bad correlation though.

  3. Do you hate your Brother even if he likes a little bit of most things…except Mariah Carey!

  4. sonic cathedral

    wow! a father of three who still talks like it’s the nme-reading early 90s?

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